The Swiss Army Knife of Automation

nomos system provides a local processing Internet of Things Automation Solution to Connect any Device to the World

Seven years from today the IoT world could contain an estimated 25 billion connected devices. But what if that coming cascade of great gadgets continues to be fragmented by a ranting babble of ever new proprietary protocols and competing standards? Our common dream of connectivity and interoperability might then be lost, unless we start thinking now about the need for One Ring to Rule Them All.

This was the vision that gave birth to nomos. We tackled the biggest dilemma in IoT – how to preserve interoperability and connectivity. And we came up with a software engine that speaks to the whole universe of devices in a common language they all understand. We call the nomos solution the Swiss army knife of automation. nomos levels the playing field of diverse technologies, giving businesses and consumers alike the full advantages of automation and IoT. It offers the perfect shortcut around the thickets of warring protocols and standards, taking you directly into the new world of interconnectivity.

As a universal automation-software engine, the nomos system is capable of controlling connected devices, regardless of their communication protocols, standards or proprietary software. It elevates software and hardware to a single communication layer, where data from any platform can be seamlessly collected, exchanged and controlled. The unique nomos software is made to adapt easily to new ‘standards’ and is extraordinarily light, weighing in at only 613 KB.

nomos system AG is your one-stop shop for automation and the perfect OEM partner for companies striving for leadership in IoT.

Our popular Internet of Things ecosystem

The nomos product portfolio is designed to give any company a quick and easy start into the IoT. Depending on a company’s specific needs, development status and use cases in the field of automation nomos provides you with either your own ready-to-market automation solution or expedites your development process.

A company already working on an IoT solution can accelerate it’s development process and get to market faster.

A consumer-electronics manufacturer working with nomos gains the option of creating interoperability among his own products while also taking control over third-party applications.

A real-estate developer can provide a full automation solution including brand identity for any development project.

For a system integrator nomos provides the full scope of any high-end automation solution and seamless integration of hardware and software.

Administrator Portal

Visualizing the System Health, monitoring the overall Life-Cycle Device Mgt, liberating your App Store publishing, providing Analytics, Log’s and Reports directly out of the cloud.

Controller & Gateway

nOS can be deployed on virtually all platforms, including low-power devices, or even embedded in a chipset. Handling all processing and connections independent from the Internet and expanding with the cloud when needed.

User Interface

The nOS App is the one place to control all the things around you instantly and setting up all your devices is insanely simple, in just three steps.