The idea behind nomos

Our Perspective

The 3D map of today comes alive with nomos nOS and is prepared to connect 25 billion devices.

Extending Reliability

We synchronized 2 miles of LED without any latency. Enduring system integration in Marine, Resort and Bar applications.

Visualisation & User Experience

Five Steps to configure the system in a HTML5 Wizard. Due to our experience in creating 3D user interfaces we can eliminate text driven navigation.

The Whole 9 Yard’s In Building Automation

Our team has a unique history. We are experienced in developing for low-power OEM devices and continuously push the boundaries in the field of Building Automation.


Our own lightweight software daemon to access all protocols seamlessly was successfully implemented in 2007. Entirely written in C Code it allowed us to compile to any platform and we successfully completed a wide range of commercial projects.

Generation Touch

Floor plan visualisations in the 90ties. Later a Flash-Page on the HP Palm combined iTunes (Version 4) and Hardware in one single visualization via our own Webserver, but unfortunately the latency was slightly irritating.

Stage & Residential

Understanding bus systems since 1995. The Musical Space Dream was running completely from a script, accommodating various protocols. Later translation into the residential whole house automation.